Slow Down and Travel

More about us…

Jaime is an Emmy nominated filmmaker, painter, and foodie with a love of fine wine and cuisine. She spends a good deal of her time exploring the local foods and drinks of each location they visit. Adam is a film producer, veterinarian, and skilled traveler. The two of them are living and working around the world indefinitely while creating film, art, and blogs across the globe.

Adam, and I met while we were both traveling in 1994. It was just the beginning of our crazy adventures and the start of our lives living and traveling around the world.

We knew we both were not cut out for the typical American life of having full time jobs, having a family, owning more then we needed, etc. Instead, we knew we were destine to be travelers our entire lives. This alternative lifestyle did not happen over night. We did many years of planning and plotting out exactly how we can live this international travel life. So much so, that almost every career we’ve had so far, has been tailored for travel.

I started a jewelry design company that allowed us to travel throughout the United States for 20 years selling at art shows around the country. Then, international filmmaking became the next step that allowed us to travel and create documentaries for non-profit groups and NGO’s. I began editing for other filmmakers remotely where I only needed my laptop and a couple of hard-drives to do my work. Now, expanding out into more editing work, and small film projects, the two of us work remotely wherever we go.

Before we started our full time living around the world, we decided to downgrade to a degree that would make many people uncomfortable. We started living modestly and eliminated all debt. We both drove old cars, we don’t buy new things, used credit cards to acquire frequent flyer miles, and we used any money we saved to go towards travel.